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What made me fall in love with the AVEDA color line

Art was always my favorite subject in school - hands down. I truly believe that everything is art. From cooking to gardening, designing spaces to photography, painting and yes...doing hair. I have always loved the creative process of figuring out how to bring the ideas that are in my mind to life.

When I began my career in the hair industry, I fell in love with the AVEDA color line. There were so many options!! As an artist with a comprehensive understanding of the color wheel, I knew how to mix colors for blending, enhancing and neutralizing and I could do all of this with the infinite possibilities that the AVEDA color line offered. A hairstylist can literally create ANY color they can imagine - making the hair color completely customizable. That fact alone sets them apart from any other brand in the industry.

If that wasn't enough of a selling point, AVEDA color is essentially damage free to your hair and you can tell the difference by the aroma of the salon with the absence of the usual salon chemical smell. The company was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978. His interest in developing products without toxic chemicals launched the market for natural cosmetics in the United States and the brand continues to be a pioneer in 'beauty with a conscience'.

The color is formulated without parabans, phthalates and has reduced the use of petri-chemicals by replacing catalytic chemicals with essential oils and other natural compounds - making it a conditioning and repairing color substitute to toxic hair dye. By developing an exclusive Babassu Betaine technology, the company has been able to reduce the use of petrochemicals and use sustainable plant-based alternatives.

Last and certainly not least, AVEDA is cruelty-free (they ONLY test on humans) and they happen to be the first beauty manufacturing company to use 100% wind power. Last year they launched their first VEGAN color line - Vibrants which is up to 96% naturally derived.

As a salon owner and a hair artist, I feel good about working with a brand that allows me to fully explore my artistic liberty and is also in alignment with my core values.

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