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Wellness in times of uncertainty

It seems like in those moments when we need self-care and mindfulness the most, it can be harder to grasp. I think we've all been guilty of getting swept up in the craze of social media and searching for truth in what is actually happening in our country and in our world right now.

As most of you already know, The Alchemist Salon is temporarily closed in an attempt help flatten the curve of the pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe. Although, this was a solemn decision to make, we do believe it was our best efforts in continuing to protect our staff, our families and our community. With every action, comes a reaction and what we do now will have a lasting, ripple effect.

So what do we do now? My wise grandmother has always said, "When you don't know what to do, don't do anything at all." We take pause. We breathe. We live in the moment - because this very moment is all that's guaranteed. None of us really know what the extent of this virus spreading will lead to and we could drive ourselves mad trying to predict the outcome of it all.

As stylists, part of our work is in nurturing you. We hope that in these stressful times, you are finding ways to nurture yourselves and your loved ones.

For those of you that are self isolating, here are some ideas of healthy, stress-reducing and immune boosting activities that you can still engage in.

  • Reassess your to-do list

  • Prioritize exercise

  • Start prepping a garden

  • Try cooking a new recipe

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Try out a new hiking trail

  • Listen to music

  • Dance

  • Paint a room in your house

  • Light a candle

  • Take a bath

  • Drink plenty of fluids

  • Call a loved one

  • Clean out your closet - Marie Kondo style

  • Make art

  • Catch up on things you've had no time for

  • Simplify

  • Check in on your neighbors and others that may be alone

As we continue to do what is needed in order to get through these trying times, we look forward to seeing you all back in our chairs soon!


Melissa Bradford

The Alchemist Salon Team

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