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COVID-19 Update

As many of you already know, The Alchemist Salon went above and beyond in helping to maintain a very strict COVID-19 protocol over the past year. Due to an abundance of caution, we have been successful in keeping our staff and guests safe throughout one of the most challenging times of our lives. 


On Monday, May 24, 2021 Governor Mills is lifting many mandates and restrictions in the state of Maine. With that said, we will no longer be requiring guests to wear a mask upon entering the salon. We are sensitive to the fact that some people may still feel nervous and hesitant to reenter the world without some of the safety precautions we've had set in place since the pandemic began. With that said, we do understand that some of you may choose to continue wearing a mask. Furthermore, the staff has agreed to accommodate those of you that may still feel uncomfortable by wearing a mask during your appointment per request.


If you are displaying any symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, we would expect you to cancel/reschedule your appointment with us. We reserve the right to ask anyone that is in the salon to wear a mask (provided by us), if they were to begin showing any signs of illness. 


Cleanliness and sanitation has always been a top priority in the salon and we will continue providing a safe, clean environment for our guests. 


We have appreciated the support and cooperation of our loyal patrons as we've navigated these challenging times. We look forward to a safe and gradual progression towards normalcy. 

Thank you!

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